About Us

TTM was established by Jürgen Ludwig in November 2007 in Brasov as a spin-off of a successful business in Germany. The aim was to urge Romanian businessmen and companies to use more renewable energy sources.

TTM will develop projects for Romanian and international investors, through which electrical and thermal energy is generated from waste or from renewable sources.

Germany, the world’s leading producer and exporter of equipments for the production of renewable energy, has accumulated vast knowledge on this subject in recent years; through TTM this technology and knowledge will be available in Romania too.

TTM works in Romania with a variety of local experts. For each project we build up a team, which can solve efficiently the task assigned: technology suppliers, engineers, architects, analysts, lawyers, etc. working closely with TTM in order to offer the optimal solution to the customer. TTM’s project manager is coordinating the entire work.

This job is taken over by founder and managing partner, Jürgen Ludwig as well as by Martin Moise, TTM’s Project Manager.

Has graduated in mathematics and vast experience in advising large (e.g. Volkswagen AG) and medium-sized enterprises. Be it as a project manager for major projects or as a manager in mid-sized companies and consultancy firms, his knowledge and experience of over 30 years is a benefit to your project.
For over 10 years, Jürgen Ludwig has been managing partner of a consultancy company in Germany, consulting industry -customers as well as for public institutions.
You might contact Jürgen Ludwig by telephone +40-758-107.033, +49-172-995.1062 or by e-mail via juergen.ludwig@ttm-romania.ro

Finished his studies in European Economic Integration at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest and has gained vast experience in large international companies in management of procurement projects. He contributes to our projects particularly in terms of European economic integration.
You might contact Martin Moise by telephone +40-742-372.854 or by e-mail via martin.moise@ttm-romania.ro