4th Energy Day Brasov, 25th of October 2011


Brasov, 14th October 2011

Invitation to the 4th Energy Day Brasov on the 25th October 2011

ZE Banner romanaTTM organizes together with the Brasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Brasov German Economic Club for the fourth time the Energy Day Brasov. It has developed as the most important event in Central Romania related to Renewable Energy.

This year, we can inform you about the coming into force of the Law 220. Now, nothing stands in the way of investments in the production of energy from renewable sources in Romania.

With representatives of the Romanian Authorities, as well as of the local Administration, the National Authority ANRE, the Romanian Wind Energy Association, Investors and Project Developers we wish to discuss about the current developments and inform you about the possibilities of investments in wind and solar projects – and beside, emphasize on a second focus, namely the efficient use of energy.

4th Energy Day Brasov on the 25th of October 2011 – 08:30 to 15:30
Brasov Business Park; Ionescu Crum no. 1; 500446 Brasov

Admission to the event is free of charge; places are limited – please confirm your participation. All lectures will be simultaneously translated from German to Romanian. We look forward to seeing you – the TTM team.

TTM – Transfer de Tehnologie si Management

(Jürgen Ludwig)

Managing Director

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