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Dear Madam/Sir,

LOGO V 2After the law on the promotion of the production of energy from renewable sources (Law 220/2008) has finally come into force, there are more and more investments in Romania in this field as well, after the European Union has established its objectives regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions: until 2020 in EU the:

· CO2 emissions will be reduced by 20%

· 20% of the energy consumption will be covered by renewable sources (“with green energy“) and

· 20% less energy will be consumed

… and this occurs after exactly 5 years since I have founded TTM here in Brasov.

The political events from the last months and the forthcoming elections for the Chamber of Deputies will not influence the drafting of the law. Today, in Romania there is finally a legal security as regards the issuance of the green certificate – especially for the photovoltaic projects, until the end of 2013.

Therefore, next year, the photovoltaic projects should be finalised in order to obtain six green certificates and all the other projects (wind, biogas, biomass, hydraulic energy) should be connected to the network until 2014 – ANRE (National Energy for Power Regulation) will then check the compliance of the development level for these types of production as well and will exclude a possible overdevelopment by reducing the number of certificates.

Similarly to the previous years, on “Energy Day” in Brașov, during the celebration of this jubilee, we would like to point out the following:

– It is a matter of a “statement of facts” on the application of the 20/20/20 EU strategy – the member of the EU Parliament, Mr Petru LUHAN, and the ANRE president, Mr Niculae HAVRILET, shall notify us about the current situation

– It is a matter of the development of the renewable energy production capacity up to this point and of the projected development – RWEA and SunE shall notify us about the current situation

– It is a matter of the operation of the renewable energy plants – the Schönherr advisors shall provide details on the legal conditions in the framework agreement, and Mr Razvan Neamtu from REPOM shall explain the possibilities for the streamlined operation of the renewable energy plants

– Finally, we shall present the odds for the strength of EU support for 2014 – 2020: energy efficiency. The president of the Environment Fund Administration (AFM) within the Department of the Environment shall submit a report regarding these issues. A producer in the region presents the first actual evaluations regarding the energy efficiency improvement within the production plants.

Therefore, it can be easily noticed that you shall benefit from a complete program.

As you have come to expect, we will see you again, free of charge, in Brașov, together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the German Economy Club Brașov, where you shall benefit from German-Romanian simultaneous interpretation under the “German quality work made by TTM” motto.

I am glad to be able to salute you on the fifth edition of “Energy Day” Brașov.

Yours truly Jürgen Ludwig

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