In the course of the project TTM develops together with the potential investor:

The business idea itself TTM describes the vision and objectives to be achieved in close cooperation with the customer.The business model of an existing business is expanded with new ideas and adapted to a changing environment. In the case of a new foundation there will be a reaction to the markets needs – in the best case, a new market is created for an innovative product.

TTM develops, as a basis for further decisions, an estimate for the investment volume and cost efficiency based on a real location and condition.

TTM develops a detailed profitability estimate, a long-term plan and a balance sheet and cash flow statement to show the cost efficiency of an investment.A business plan provides information on all essential aspects of the business to be founded. These include both practical issues of establishment, operation and management, market and economic analysis of costs, revenues, profitability and growth perspectives. At the same time, the business plan helps you rethink your business idea again and again to discover possible weaknesses. It forces you to indicate a clear direction for your company.

TTM determines the local conditions in detail, identifies suppliers and customers, and closes preliminary contracts if necessary. In addition, TTM configures and plans the necessary machinery and equipment based on the latest technology available.The Feasibility – Study aims to identify the technically and economically optimal solution to a given planning task and forms the basis of the entrepreneurial decision on the implementation and design of an investment project.
produseIt is limited to the conceptual and cost-relevant aspects, including the determined general conditions, the availability requirement of the existing facility, park, etc., without addressing the detail issues of solutions.
The Feasibility – Study is not to be considered as an additional planning work that increases the planning time and causes the planning effort. It is about a consensus to forward planning or anticipation of certain steps to obtain an early and convincing assessment of the planning process and its financing worthiness.
Through the early findings from the study one can also recognize any weaknesses in the planning and modify and update them before the start of the main work.
The feasibility study is a necessary condition for the application of non-refundable grants from national or international sources.