Project development

TTM develops projects. This means in detail:

  • TTM searches and finds locations which are suitable for building installations for the production of energy from renewable sources – this is a question of basic feasibility – including a preliminary evaluation of construction- and operating-permit.
  • TTM searches and finds partners – suppliers for raw materials and / or customers for the electrical and thermal energy produced.
  • TTM provides the funding – TTM procures non-refundable funds from the EU or national sources and provides loans through banks or private or institutional investors.

The result is a elaborated and realistic business plan for an energy project with potential lucrative return rates for the investors.

Technological and organizational planing

 Technology Transfer

There is no location without a proven and implementable technology! Together with its technology partners – with years of experience and success in their respective markets – TTM develops the appropriate machinery and plant engineering. TTM works together with successful companies and entrepreneurs from Germany and Austria.

Technology transfer does not only mean that TTM establishes a facility. TTM provides for professional maintenance over the entire lifetime of the power plant, including an optimal adjustment to the technological innovations in its lifetime.

Project management

management-de-proiect All TTM employees are specialists in the management of large projects. We coordinate all the steps for the investor or for the client – from obtaining permits, application for funding up to on site management during the construction of the facility from acceptance, handing over and beginning of production. As a company with German roots TTM gives a particular importance to ensure the quality of construction materials and resources used. TTM examines all deliveries for compliance with the agreed quality and documentation. This is the basis for a qualified claim management especially for the local service providers and suppliers.

The professional project management of TTM provides a timely completion of the works according to the agreement with the customers.

Quality Management