9th “Energy Day Brasov”


Since its first edition in 2008, TTMs Energy Day Brasov developed into one of the major renewable energy related conferences in Romania. With participation of representatives of the Romanian Government and Parliament as well as representatives of the Romanian Regulatory Authorities and renewable energy associations, more than 100 decision makers and national and international investors make use of this annual platform to meet and discuss energy related issues.
REPOM continues this success story from 2016 on and organize the ninth edition of TTMs Energy Day Brasov as a brand of REPOM. This year the venue will take place

on Friday, 23 September 2016 in Kronwell Hotel in Brasov

starting from 08:30 with registration

The conference will focus on the Romanian as well as German “Energiewende” (revoluție energetică) and thus on the future energy strategy for Romania and provide a keynote from Ms. Corina Popescu, Secretary of State, Ministry of Energy Romania on this issue. Representatives from the energy sector as well as international expertise will complete the discussion. In addition we will give an outlook on recent developments in Germany especially on virtual power plants and related research.
The venue will be kept free of charges in the future, English / Romanian simultaneous translation will be provided for.
We will be happy to welcome you personally…
Jürgen Ludwig and Martin Moise

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