4th Energy Day Brasov was a success


Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

TTM_ 30At he 4th edition of Energy Day Brasov I had the honnor of welcoming over 100 participants from Germany and all over Romania. This is an encouragement that demonstrates the rising interest in the production of energy from renewable sources. The current evolutions in the area of remuneration of green energy lead to this high number of participants.

The comments made by Mr. Petru Lificiu, Vice-president of the ANRE, related to the 4 documents pertaining to the regulations soon to be published in the “Monitorul Oficial” ensure the rapid enforcement of the Law 220, with all its modifications to date. This means we need to ACT! We expect– as Mr. David from the RWEA confirmed – that in the following 2 to 3 years a promotion of the development of renewable energy will occur. This will apply for wind and solar projects.

Our plan to build an energy independent office in Brasov caught everybody’s interest – we will keep you updated in the status here, on our website www.ttm-romania.ro.

We prepared for our clients a document which contains the updated version of the Law 220; in case you are interessested in obtaining this complete document, please send us an email with your full contact details at brasov@ttm-romania.ro.

On our website www.ziuaenergiei.ro you can find in the Download section all presentations from the event; in the Photo and Video gallery section you will find a photographic documenting of the event and in the Press Articles sections you will find echoes throughout the press of the 4th Energy Day Brasov.

Next year, we will organize the 5th edition of the Energy Day Brasov. We will be happy to welcome you then.

Yours trully Jürgen Ludwig

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